Our philosophy is to use the highest quality ingredients and avoid using preservatives then is necessary. Because of this, most of our
products have a shorter shelf life than your typical skincare product (12-18 months).

Shake Cleansers and Toners and Serums. Too many stabilizing ingredients will take away the activity of a product. Shaking is a natural part of using high activity and low preservatives products.

It is best to keep products away from extreme temperatures. It's best to store products at room temperature. 

We package Serums, Lotions, some cream in airless pump containers. The pump dispenses your product without opening and in contact with oxygen. The beauty of the airless pump is that all product comes out, and fingers stay out of the product.

These airless containers better protect products from possible bacteria growth caused by putting fingers into jars. In addition, the opacity of the containers helps to maintain product stability.

You may know that we cold process our formulas as much as possible and use many active ingredients. It makes for compelling and potent products. However, this makes them more vulnerable to air acting on them and detracting from their strength. We also try to use only use natural preservatives such as acids. For this reason, fingers going into the jar is not the ideal situation with our products. The
airless pumps can protect the product from all these things, keep the product fresher and more active for a more extended period, keep them secure from people putting fingers in, and are practically tamper-proof. To clear any air pockets that might be impeding the performance of the airless pump, cap the other hand and quickly "pop" the container 3-4 times into the palm of your hand. Be sure the pump nozzle is facing the back of the fingers of the cupped hand, as the product may shoot out after priming the pump. This procedure completes the delivery of the product to the pump and assures the proper function of the container.