My Story I Miracullum Story

Jolanta Omski, owner of Miracullum



  My Story is Miracullum Story.

  I will make a long story short.

 My name is Jolanta Omski.



I arrived in the U.S. in 1981 with three daughters and   a fantastic husband from Poland, which was under   martial law then.

Inspired by my mother and aunt (both were estheticians), I followed my heart to start a new professional life. Instead of continuing my master's degree in architectural experience, I focused on skincare. Natural Skincare is simple but powerful skincare for working men and women.

In the following years, I earned great experience working in well-renowned spas in San Francisco, Bay Area, and from aesthetic authorities such as Peter Thomas Roth, Katherine Leverette, Murad, and Rhonda Allison, to name a few.

Miracullum Spa was established in 1989 in Walnut Creek, Ca. Due to growing success, the Spa expanded its size five times in 33 years.

Miracullum Spa experienced its share of ups and downs when a fire demolished the entire Spa or a man accidentally ran a car through the storefront.

My first recognition came in 1993 as the first esthetician in Walnut Creek to use Glycolic Peels for anti-aging and acne.

To this day, I use the newest, most novel, current, and trendsetting ingredients in Natural Skincare.

In 1996, with the collaboration of a science lab, we developed Miracullum's first skincare products. Delivering access to thousands of components and technologies allows us to offer the most effective and natural skincare products.

In 2007 Jolanta's daughter, Jola Omski, MD, joined Miracullum Spa and expanded our services to include medical cosmetic treatments.

The fantastic mother-daughter team worked together for the next 13 years.

But, time went by, and retirement came.

For the last 33 years, I have treated many skin conditions such as acne, scars, pigmentation, aging, and sun-damaged skin on all skin tones.

I listen to customers' skin with my hands.

I feel, polish, and smooth all skin imperfections; I heal and nurture skin with the best Natural Skincare.

My passion lies in helping people like you to challenge your skin to look its best.

I will continue to carry excellent Natural Skincare by Miracullum, the best-selling my customers choose.

I invite you to join the world of possibilities to make your skin look healthier, younger, and radiant.

Thirty-three years of living and breathing skin daily leave me with a smile. I look forward to continuing to offer the best natural skin care products.

You are welcome to reach me by email at with any skincare questions!

My story and Miracullum story still continues because of beautiful people like you!